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About Youth Work NSW


About Youth Work NSW

Youth Work NSW is the professional association for Youth Workers in New South Wales. 

In 20xx Youth Action was approached to begin the process of setting up a Professional Body for Youth Workers in NSW.

Brief history of how this process came to be be, etc.

Consultation, Steering Committee, etc.

Our primary role is supporting the youth work profession in NSW

  • by creating opportunities for youth workers to organise and to share their practice;

  • developing a Code of Ethics;

  • supporting high quality training and education for youth workers;

  • and helping the community understand how youth workers in their communities are supporting young people, often without a lot of publicity or recognition.

Who we are

Youth Work NSW is a collaboration between the following organisations:

  • 123

  • 123

  • 123

Governance is provided by a Steering and an interim Executive Committee.

©2021 by Youth Work NSW in association with Youth Action NSW

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