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Youth Work NSW is the Professional Association for Youth Workers in New South Wales.  It was established in 2020 with its first AGM being held in
December 2021. 


The primary objectives of the Association are:


  • To support the Youth Work profession in NSW by creating opportunities for Youth Workers to organise and to share their practice

  • Developing key statements like the Definition and the Code of Ethics

  • Supporting high quality training and education for youth workers

  • Helping the community understand how youth workers in their communities are supporting young people, often without a lot of publicity or recognition

Youth Work, while sharing similarities with cognate professions, is unique in how it works with young people. The practice of Youth Work is practiced by a diverse group of workers, often under difficult and challenging circumstances, who over the years have all contributed to shape the profession they are all so proud and passionate about.

While youth work has been around for a long time it has been slow to organise professionally, partly due to its strong commitment to its alignment with young people rather than powerful institutions.

Youth Work NSW recognises the tensions but also acknowledges that Youth Workers have lacked a "home" and a strong voice when one was required to advocate both for the sector and for young people.


The Association also aims to offer a central space where all Youth Workers can find support and offer support.

Youth Work NSW is inviting all Youth Workers to join the Association so that all can share and contribute their skills and ideas to furthering the Youth Work profession.

Youth Work NSW


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